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Your path to a healthy and confident smile is just a click away

The most trusted name in cosmetic dentistry is now virtual!

Build-A-Smile now offers a virtual consultation for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile through cosmetic dental treatments.

Choose from among our wide-range of innovative cosmetic dental procedures to help correct dental flaws and restore your smile. We are a licensed and accredited provider of SureSmile aligners, teeth whitening, snap-on-smiles, flex dentures and night guards.

Learn more about these options through a virtual consult and let our qualified team provide you with the best solutions for all of your dental concerns.

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Advantages of a Virtual Consultation

Easy and Convenient

We are extending our specialized care and cosmetic dental expertise to meet you where you are, at a convenient time and place for you. You can meet with Dr. Darren Ramsey in the comfort of your own home, your workplace or anywhere really!  All you need to do is book a virtual consult with us and BAM! Your online appointment is booked.
What to Expect from SureSmile Aligner?
What to Expect from SureSmile Aligner?

Quality Cosmetic Dental Care

Receive the same personable and compassionate care with a virtual consultation. We’ll make sure what you love most about us carries through your online consultation. You can achieve amazing results with the virtual guidance of a team of experts and the quality cosmetic dental treatments that they recommend.

As Dr. Ramsey always puts it, his patients are like family, so he’ll provide the same quality service that he would offer his own. He knows in times like these it’s important to provide solutions that make people feel comfortable and is excited to be able to address your smile concerns through virtual consultations.


Don’t waste money on ill-advised cosmetic dental procedures when you can have a virtual consultation with Build-A-Smile first. Don’t just save time and effort, but save your money as well. See the difference that the team at Build-A-Smile makes.
What to Expect from SureSmile Aligner?

How SureSmile Aligner

  • The first step is making a 3D model of your teeth. It allows Dr. Ramsey to be able to analyze your bite from all angles.
  • With the 3D model as well as Build A Smile’s state-of-the-art equipment and planning software, the movement of each of your teeth can be calculated precisely.
  • Dr. Ramsey will then determine the optimal treatment plan for you. Each treatment plan is customized for each patient.
  • Lastly, the custom aligners will be made with the use of clear Essix plastic materials. These materials are the leading ones in the industry. We at Build-A-Smile provide you with the best.
What to Expect from SureSmile Aligner?
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