The Dangers of Mail-Order Aligners

Ah, what a difference a smile makes! A simple flash of those pearly whites can brighten up someone’s day.

Our teeth are a symbol of pride and joy and the gateway of how we express our most gleeful emotions. This is what has prompted most people to get their teeth straight and aligned. With that, there is an equal amount of advertisers offering mail-order teeth aligners that will “do wonders for your teeth”.

It’s important to note that not all of the mail-order aligners work out for those who order them. Most of the time, people are not satisfied with either the fit or the quality of the aligners shipped to them. So here’s why you should think twice about mail-order aligners.

What are Mail-Order Aligners

When a patient opts for mail-order teeth aligners, they will be given the at-home kit to make a mold of their teeth. Patients also have the option to drop by the manufacturer’s branch and have their teeth measured. A clear alignment tray will then be fabricated and mailed to them to use to align their teeth.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Mail-Order Aligners

What mail-order aligners mainly offer is the convenience of not having to go back and forth to your local orthodontist to do the frequent measurements and adjustments for the clear aligners. You even have the option to use the at-home kit in the comfort of your own home.

Mail-order aligners are affordable. Because of the promise to solve teeth alignment problems sold at a cheap price, people are enticed to try mail-order aligners. What they didn’t know is that they have better options by going to the dentist and inquiring about clear aligners. SureSmile and Invisalign can be affordable, too, as there are different payment options that are offered for these types of treatments. Keep in mind with mail-order aligners, you get what you pay for.

However, it should be emphasized that teeth realignment is a medical procedure that should be performed under the supervision of a dentist or an orthodontic professional. The American Dental Association (ADA) also strongly discourages the use of DIY orthodontic treatments.

Local Clear Aligners vs. Mail-Order

Realigning your teeth is a science and must be dealt with professionally. It may seem like the procedure might not require much effort, but that’s just it–dentists make it seem effortless because they are the experts. With clear aligners, the supervision of the dentist is highly essential.

You can get local clear aligners, such as SureSmile and Invisalign through a dentist. They know the process and technology involved so they can provide appropriate aligners depending on your teeth alignment concern. 

Local clear aligners offered by dentists use quality patented plastic materials that are specifically designed for orthodontic alignment, unlike mail-order aligners which are known to use generic plastic. This means that local aligners can provide better and faster results than mail-order ones.

Mail-order aligners can be effective for mild to moderate cases only. It cannot correct complex teeth alignment issues. Local clear aligners can treat mild to severe and complicated cases with the use of attachments that can only be accessed through a dentist. Thus, the effectiveness of mail-order aligners is limited as compared to the vast capability of local ones.

By choosing mail-order aligners you might be forfeiting your right to get the best quality aligners that can only be provided by local dental professionals. The use of mail-order aligners can lead to loss of teeth and dental injuries or complications that will be more expensive to fix in the future.

The worst part about mail-order aligners is the lack of response from a tried and tested expert. Your complaints about your mail-order aligners will only be received by a customer service representative who will just refer your concern to another department, and so on. You will either get a delayed response to your complaint or none at all. With local aligners, your dentist is with you every step of the way providing expert service and advice. 

Where to Get Your Clear Aligners in Charlotte

If you want to achieve perfectly aligned teeth, then go with SureSmile Aligners. These clear aligners are designed to progressively straighten teeth into the ideal position. They are comfortable to wear, removable, virtually invisible and affordable compared to Invisalign.

Build-A-Smile offers SureSmile Aligners in Charlotte. Book an appointment today to learn more about SureSmile and how you can get started with this amazing treatment.

With SureSmile Aligners from Build-A-Smile, you’re just months away to your best smile ever.

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  1. smith patterson August 22, 2022 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    The danger of using mail-order liners to avoid going to the dentist’s office is that you might end up spending even more time and money later to repair the damage! A mismatched aligner can erode your gums and shift your teeth out of position, which can be painful as well as expensive to fix.

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