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Beaming White Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC

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Be confident with the smile you have always dreamed up. As a Beaming White certified provider, Build-A-Smile offers the latest in teeth whitening treatments and technology.

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What is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening, or bleaching, involves removing stains from the teeth. It is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps give you a whiter smile. This may be done with a whitening or bleaching agent such as a prescription whitening gel, toothpaste, or rinse. 

There are surface stains that reside on the tooth’s enamel. These can usually be removed through good dental care or simple mechanical means such as tooth brushing or polishing, which may be performed by a dentist or hygienist using special tools. However, even this polishing only removes surface stains, not deep set-in stains. Surface stains often come back quickly and easily. 

When we talk about teeth whitening procedures to brighten your smile, we are talking about whitening or bleaching the dentin layer of the tooth. Looking at an anatomical drawing of a tooth you can see that the outer layer of the tooth, the part that you can physically touch, is the enamel. Tooth enamel is transparent and does not retain any stains. Only the surface of enamel can be stained.

Teeth Whitening Process

Below the enamel is the dentin layer, which gives the tooth its color. It is within the dentin layer that your teeth get stained. 

Since the enamel layer is porous, stains from products such as coffee, tobacco, wine, tea, etc. seep through and reach the dentin. The staining particles accumulate in the dentin layer. The more particles that get through, the more discolored the teeth become.

In order to effectively whiten your teeth, you need to get a bleaching substance or whitening product to the dentin layer. Oxygen radicals are the best way to bleach anything. However, you cannot pump pure oxygen to your teeth or through the enamel. 

As this is being written, hydrogen peroxide is the best-known teeth whitening chemical in the world. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is NOT the same as oxygen (O2). When hydrogen peroxide reacts, it breaks into water (H2O) and an oxygen radical, which only survives for a fraction of a second. During that moment, they desperately look for something to react with or oxidize and the stains on your teeth are just what the doctor ordered!

Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel breaks down on the tooth’s surface. The substance travels through the pores in the enamel until it reaches the dentin layer. Once there, the oxygen radicals from the hydrogen peroxide react with the stained particles and whiten them. They do NOT remove the staining molecules, but simply bleach and remove their color. 

If you perform this bleaching process frequently, for enough time, and with the appropriate strength of hydrogen peroxide gel (or some derivative of it, such as carbamide peroxide), your teeth will appear significantly whiter.

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Professional teeth whitening is the best way to achieve the brighter, whiter smile of your dreams. Dental restorations such as crowns and dental veneers may not whiten the same way as natural teeth. Ask your dentist about the best teeth whitening treatment for your needs at your next dental visit.

Get a brighter smile with Build-A-Smile. Our team offers teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today for an appointment!

A beaming white smile boosts your self-confidence. It makes you appear more attractive, friendly, successful, and intelligent.

Everyone feels better with a beautiful smile and bright, white teeth.

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