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From simple to complex, there is an affordable orthodontic treatment option to suit every case.

Ask our dental professional in Charlotte which option is right for you.

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Traditional Braces

The most common form of orthodontic treatment, metal braces, is highly effective and versatile, treating a wide range of cases for tooth movement and jaw alignment.


Low-visibility Braces

Ceramic orthodontic brackets provide strength, reliability, and efficacy with aesthetics that blend in with natural tooth color.


low-visibility braces charlotte nc
hidden braces charlotte nc

Hidden Braces

“Hidden”, or “self-ligating brackets in lingual orthodonticssit behind your teeth, offering virtually invisible treatment, but are limited to specific situations.


Clear Aligners

Clear teeth aligners are clear, removable plastic molds that gradually move your teeth. They are an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to braces, especially for minor tooth movements that improve your smile.

clear aligners charlotte nc
hybrid clear aligner solutions charlotte nc

Hybrid Solutions

Multiple options can also be used over the course of your dental treatment to create “hybrid” solutions with unique benefits. For example, metal braces can be used to begin treatment, then replaced with clear teeth aligners as a finishing step.



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