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Sleeping plays a huge role in our overall health. It affects how our bodies recover from one day’s activities to the next and its ability to build a strong immune system. Without enough sleep, our body will not get the rest that it needs to regenerate and heal itself. Dental conditions like teeth grinding and sleep apnea can affect the quality of our sleep and may lead to more serious health conditions like cardiovascular diseases if left untreated.

Sleep Better With A Simplified Sleep Apnea Device

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder where relaxed soft tissues limit or block the air passages of a patient while sleeping. With the new innovations in dentistry, Build-A-Smile offers a more compact sleep device in Charlotte to help our patients breathe comfortably while sleeping. O2 Vent Optima is a customized oral device built with an air passage channel that helps manage better airflow. O2 Vent Optima is best for:

  • Patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • People with snoring problems
  • Patients looking for a more discreet and compact alternative to CPAP
O2 Vent Optima in Charlotte
O2 Vent Optima in Charlotte
O2 Vent Optima in Charlotte
O2 Vent Optima in Charlotte
O2 Vent Optima in Charlotte

How It Works

The O2Vent® Optima offers hope to those struggling with traditional sleep apnea treatments like CPAP. Featuring all the comfort and simplicity of an oral device but with a built-in airway that bypasses the nose, mouth, and tongue, the O2Vent Optima provides uninterrupted airflow throughout the night.

• Discreet sleep apnea treatment
• 3D Printed with Medical Grade Nylon
• Lightweight, Comfortable
• Easy to use and maintain

Sleep Soundly With Comfortable Sleep Devices

Contact Build-A-Smile at 980-207-2075 for more information on high-quality custom-fitted sleep devices that can help you treat both bruxism and sleep apnea.

Act now to get FREE teeth whitening with your customized sleep appliance!

Covered By All Medical Insurances

Don’t let the cost stand between you and a restful night’s sleep. We have an insurance valet service where we can find out on your behalf, whether or not the device will be covered. That way you can make a more informed decision on how to proceed. Ramsey Dental is committed to making oral appliance therapy attainable for all patients and all budgets. We also offer our clients at-home sleep studies.



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