Clear Aligners: New Choice for Teeth Alignment

The quote from the famous author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, “A smile is your greatest social asset” is indeed true because a smile is affectionate and leaves a lasting impression.

No wonder why most are willing to pay to get that perfect smile through orthodontic treatments. Remember, when conventional braces entered the market and almost all would line-up at dental practices to get their teeth straightened?

Gone are the days of those traditional wired brackets with the arrival of clear aligners as a better alternative to correct teeth alignment problems.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are custom-made removable dental trays for teeth made up of clear plastic sequences comparable to the wired sequences of brackets in a brace.

Clear aligners are customized to fit and are used to move teeth into an aligned position. Also called “invisible aligners” because it is almost unnoticeable on the teeth when in use. Unlike braces which can’t be removed, clear aligners are removable.

Clear aligners are best for:

They are recommended for patients with mild to moderately crowded teeth, minor spacing issues or malocclusion. However, a severe case may need a more complex treatment. The orthodontist will assess and recommend the best option to correct your teeth alignment.

Clear teeth aligners are best for teens and adults since their teeth are already in place and are permanent. Children may wear clear aligners if recommended by the doctor. However, take note that a child’s teeth are still developing so straightening them might require a more complex treatment.

How do Clear Aligners work?

Upon the dentist or orthodontist’s recommendation, you’ll be provided with a treatment plan for your teeth alignment. 

You are to undergo several fitting sessions during the course of the treatment to make slight adjustments to move your teeth. 

The mold for the invisible aligners is computer-generated using the patient’s dental records.

Clear aligners are custom-madeWithin the prescribed period, you’ll need to replace your aligners with new ones as the condition of your teeth changes over time.

Bite issues are common halts for clear aligners implementation, especially when the upper and lower jaws are not aligned (overbite or underbite). In this instance, traditional braces are recommended first to correct the bite. When the bite issue is corrected, the transition to clear aligners can be a good option.

How to use clear teeth aligners?

Your doctor will recommend the use of clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily for the course of six months to two years. But of course, it depends on each individual’s case and the severity of the condition. 

Clear aligners are removable. You’re to remove them when eating and when you have to clean it.

Popular Clean Aligners on the Market

The cutting-edge technology in improving and treating teeth problems has introduced clear aligners. Popular brands for clear aligners are Invisalign, SureSmile, and Clear Correct.

But the need for more affordable options has paved the way for other manufacturers to emerge. Today’s leading innovator in clear aligners is SureSmile which boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing software and technology. They make clear aligners more accessible to the public.

Best Choice for Teeth Alignment

Dentists and orthodontists agree that for teeth correction issues such as spacing, crooked and crowded teeth and minor bite problems, invisible aligners are the go-to choice.

Cheaper and effective alternative to conventional braces

Before the arrival of clear aligners, conventional braces were the big thing in dentistry. However, braces are unsightly and uncomfortable to wear, that’s why it slowly declined in popularity. With the emergence of clear aligners, patients are given better options to solve their teeth alignment problems.

Clear aligners are a lot more comfortable to wear and easy to clean, plus almost unnoticeable, unlike braces.

Oral hygiene is an advantage for clear aligners than braces. For one, it is removable and gives you better access to brushing and flossing. While with braces, it is difficult to clean your teeth and gums. Clear aligners are also comfortable to wear, unlike braces that often cause gum irritation.

More affordable clear aligners

SureSmile is your better option when it comes to clear aligners. SureSmile uses state-of-the-art facilities in the planning and fabrication of clear aligners.

The process with SureSmile is very personal to the client’s needs which starts with advanced orthodontics imaging, utilizing the 3D computer model of your bite. 

Once the imaging is assessed on the condition of your teeth, next comes the prescriptive treatment plan with the use of the SureSmile planning software that uses virtual simulation tools. The plan is to put your teeth in an optimal position after the treatment.

Fabrication of a series of aligners then commences based on the prescription by your orthodontist in your treatment plan. Several aligners would be fabricated in the course of the treatment based on the movement of your teeth.

Teeth Relapse Treatment

If you’ve used braces or other teeth correction treatments but didn’t solve your teeth alignment issues, you can opt to use clear aligners.

If you’ve experienced teeth relapse after braces, clear aligners can be your best option. There are instances that after wearing braces, the teeth move to problematic positions. You don’t have to wear braces again because that would be expensive, and again difficult. 

Your doctor will recommend you to use clear aligners to resolve teeth relapse and align your teeth optimally.

Build-A-Smile in Charlotte Offers Clear Aligners

Experience 50% more savings vs. Invisalign, when you opt for SureSmile clear describe yourself essay aligners for your treatment. You get an equally effective treatment plan yet more affordable through Build-A-Smile in Charlotte.

SureSmile clear aligners at Build-A-Smile will definitely give you the perfect smile you always wanted. After all, your smile is your greatest asset.

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