Clear Aligners Care Guide: Preventing Stains

You have chosen clear aligners over traditional braces primarily because they are almost invisible. They can correct your teeth imperfections without anyone noticing that you are undergoing a teeth alignment treatment.

However, clear aligners can work to your disadvantage when you get them stained because you didn’t properly clean and care for them. They are supposed to be clear but when stains and dirt accumulate, they can look awful and filthy. Plus, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria that are harmful to your teeth and gums.

It’s money down the drain when you get your clear aligners stained because discoloration can be irreversible. So, here are some things you need to know about your clear aligners. You can better enjoy the treatment and reap its benefits when you have the know-how to properly care for them.

Why are my clear aligners stained?

One thing is for sure, if your clear aligners start to stain, it is because you are not properly taking care of them. You either eat food that can discolor them or you don’t regularly clean them. 

Much like your teeth, cleaning your aligners should be done habitually. You should also know which foods are causing them to stain. If your doctor didn’t provide you with any pointers, we took the liberty to come up with this guide.

Common Reasons Clear Aligners Stain

Staining components are food that gets in your mouth. The rule of thumb is to remove your clear aligners when eating or drinking. That is actually one advantage for you–they are removable. 

You keep your aligners on when you are drinking cold or warm water. However, when you are consuming hot and colored beverages, you should take them off. Some liquids have strong colors and ingredients that are harmful to your aligners and can cause stains.


Remove your clear aligners when drinking alcoholic, colored and hot beverages, such as red wine, whiskey and brandy; tea, coffee and soda.


While a mouth rinse is beneficial to your oral health, it is not for your clear aligners. Alcohol-based mouthwash can potentially stain the aligners. You just have to remove them when using a mouthwash.

Unhealthy Oral Hygiene

Not brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are harmful to your oral health and clear aligners. Any food particles in your teeth can leave a mark on your aligners when not removed or cleaned. Bacteria can also build up causing tartar and plaque that can cause discoloration and damage to your teeth.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

You already know that smoking or chewing tobacco is bad for your health. It can also cause staining both to your teeth and clear aligners. Nicotine and tar is known to cause staining.

Tips to Keep Your Clear Aligners Clear

Clean and rinse your aligners

Aside from cleaning them morning and evening, you should also rinse every time you remove and wear them. You can use a clear antibacterial soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them. For your SureSmile® clear aligners, it is recommended to use Retainer Brite® products to clean your aligners safely and effectively.

Brush and floss regularly

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day according to the American Dental Association. These should prevent tartar and plaque from building up. These habits will not only care for your teeth but for your clear aligners as well. Do brush and floss more often as needed.

Soak your aligners

Keep your clear aligners fresh and clean by soaking them in a denture cleaner or SureSmile cleaner at least once a day. This can keep your aligners clear and smelling their best.

Choosing Quality Clear Aligners

There are many clear aligners available on the market and they all look almost identical. You should go for quality, durability and affordability. Our advice for you when choosing clear aligners to resolve your teeth alignment concerns, consist of two recommendations.

One, choose SureSmile Aligners. This treatment gradually and effectively straightens your teeth through wearing a series of clear, custom-fit and removable aligners. Sure aligners are also very durable and with proper care, you can avoid stains and discoloration.

The second piece of advice is to choose Build-A-Smile in Charlotte as your dental partner to keep your teeth clean, beautiful and healthy. 

Hit two birds with one stone when you choose Build-A-Smile to provide your SureSmile Aligners. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

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