Clear Aligners: Can I get SureSmile after braces?

You did the work. You wore metal braces as a teenager, but as an adult, your smile still is not straight. What happened and can you fix it? At Build-A-Smile in Charlotte, we understand the value of a beautiful, straight smile. With the use of SureSmile clear aligners, we can help you achieve the straight, even smile you deserve.

Why Didn’t My Braces Work?

Traditional brackets and wires are highly visible, but they are also commonly used. Metal and clear braces offer versatility and treat a range of orthodontic needs. They address mild to moderate needs as well as problems with jaw alignment.  Unfortunately, the most common reason braces fail is due to a lack of patient compliance after treatment. After wearing visible brackets for a couple of years, patients need to wear retainers to keep the teeth in place. Some patients give up on the retainer too soon. Others never receive a retainer at all.  The retainer must be worn consistently in order to maintain the effects of the braces. Newly straightened teeth cannot remain in place on their own. The bone that holds the teeth in place changes over time. The retainer helps avoid shifting and crowding.

What Are SureSmile Clear Aligners?

When it comes to braces for adults, most patients hope to avoid the highly visible metal brackets. With the availability of clear aligners such as SureSmile, Invisalign, and Clear Correct, aligner trays have become a popular orthodontic option. Here at Build-A-Smile in Charlotte, we offer SureSmile clear aligners to help patients straighten their teeth in an unobtrusive manner. Wearing clear aligners is an effective, efficient way to straighten teeth. SureSmile clear aligner trays are created using a 3D scan of the teeth and mouth. This ensures a customized treatment plan. Made of clear Essix plastic, the trays are superior quality for function and aesthetic. Using precisely placed pressure, the SureSmile clear aligners gradually shift the teeth into the proper position. 

Advantages of SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile clear aligners offer several benefits over traditional braces.

  • Nearly invisible – The aligner trays are made of clear plastic so they are discrete.
  • Removable – Aligners can be taken out as needed for eating, drinking, and caring for the teeth.
  • No dietary changes – With traditional braces, you have to watch what you eat to avoid popping the wire off the bracket. Since SureSmile clear aligners are removable, you can enjoy your favorite snacks without worries.
  • Comfortable – Traditional braces can scrape or pinch the inside of the mouth. Clear aligners fit securely around the teeth without slipping.

Tips for a Successful SureSmile Treatment

Treatment with SureSmile clear aligners is relatively simple, but success depends on the patient. Since the trays are removable, the patient controls the treatment. By adhering to your dentist’s recommendations, you increase the likelihood of an effective treatment. SureSmile clear aligner trays should only be removed when eating or caring for the teeth. Wearing trays for the recommended 20-22 hours per day decreases the need for future orthodontic treatment.  For more information on SureSmile clear aligners in Charlotte, contact Build-A-Smile. Whether you need braces as an adult for the first time or after already completing orthodontic treatment, we can help. Schedule your appointment today! 

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