Beaming White Teeth for Nick Kosir of Fox 46 Charlotte at Build-A-Smile

The ‘Dancing Weatherman’, Nick Kosir recently visited Build-A-Smile in Charlotte in support of local businesses. Kosir tried the beaming white teeth whitening treatment and was personally treated by Dr. Darren Ramsey, dentist and owner of Build-A-Smile.

Kosir is the resident Meteorologist of Fox 46 Good Day Charlotte and also known as the ‘#DripChronicles Guy’ for his type of swag weather reporting. He recently went viral again with the ‘Slide Like This Challenge’. Kosir has been making waves not just on TV but also on social media with his brand of reporting.

Kosir posted a photo of this visit on his Facebook page with the caption “Nothing weird going on here. ????????” flaunting his newly whitened teeth. Kosir was all praise for the treatment he received and he plans to return to try the other services.

Nick Kosir flaunting his whiter teeth after treatment at Build-A-Smile

We are thankful for Kosir dropping by our office and supporting our dental practice. Great guy and down to earth! Had great results with his whitening session! Maybe next time he will let us check out his dance moves.

Before and After of Nick Kosir’s teeth whitening treatment at Build-A-Smile

Build-A-Smile has been offering its trademark beaming white teeth whitening and has been earning praise from clients because of instant and quality results. Build-A-Smile is a certified provider of the Beaming White latest teeth whitening technology.

The beaming white treatment is currently on promotion at only $130 which includes three sessions in one appointment. The results are whiter and brighter teeth that you can show off anytime and anywhere.

Studies show that not only whiter teeth are more attractive but can make one look smart, friendly and successful. With beaming white teeth whitening you can exude confidence and class.

Beaming White Smiles at Build-A-Smile

If you have yellowish or stained teeth, you can try the beaming white treatment at Build-A-Smile in Charlotte. Experience for yourself what others are saying about this treatment and go home with a renewed whiter smile. Contact us or schedule your appointment today.

You can also try the other specialty services of Build-A-Smile: SureSmile Aligners, Snap On Smiles, Flex Partial Dentures and Night Guards.

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