Achieve A Beautiful Smile With Build-A-Smile & SmileDirectClub

The newest partnership of Build-A-Smile and SmileDirectClub will provide a more convenient and advanced dental treatment in achieving your beautiful smile. If you’re looking for the most effective treatment for an overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth, clear aligners are advanced orthodontic treatments that you can try aside from braces. 

In this post, we will discuss how you can get your clear aligners with our latest affiliation with SmileDirectClub. We’ll also cover the 3-step treatment process, virtual follow-up appointments, and their financing features.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are clear removable orthodontic devices with a tight-fit on your teeth to encourage correct teeth alignment and remove gaps. Not everyone is eligible for this treatment and can do more harm than good without a dental professional’s advice. 

SmileDirectClub is a teledentistry company that produces 3D-printed clear aligners across the US. They are working with dental professionals like us at Build-A-Smile to provide safe and professionally-supervised teeth correction for our patients. 

How you can achieve a great smile with SmileDirectClub

If you and your family are interested in getting clear aligners this year, Build-A-Smile will provide an evaluation to see if clear aligners are the best treatment for you. Learn more about the treatment by checking out the following details:

  • Eligibility: The clear aligners of SmileDirectClub are designed for minor to moderate teeth correction. To know if your teeth are eligible for the treatment, our dental professionals will provide a comprehensive assessment of your teeth.

    Once qualified, we will provide our referral to SmileDirectClub, and you may have your 3D-scan on the same day of your appointment!
  • Treatment plan review and assessment: We’ll send your teeth impressions to SmileDirectClub for review and assessment. Their dental team will prepare your treatment plan and start building your clear aligners. Once done, SmileDirectClub will deliver your clear aligners right to your doorstep.
  • Teeth adjustment duration: With clear aligners, the minor teeth adjustments may take effect within 4 to 6 months compared to braces that may take a much longer time.

    Clear aligners are also cheaper,for about 60% less, than the total cost of braces that range from $3000 to $10000. However, braces may be necessary for complicated teeth reconstruction and adjustments.

    SmileDirectClub provides two types of clear aligners that include:
    • SmileDirectClub Clear Aligners: Must be used for 22 hours a day
    • SmileDirectClub Night time Clear Aligners: Continuous use for 10 hours at night.

 Virtual monthly check-ups with SmileDirectClub

  • Virtual progress tracking and remote consultations: One of the best features of SmileDirectClub is their virtual platform wherein you can reach out to a dental professional 24/7 through online or video chat. 
  • Financing features: SmileDirectClub works with insurance companies. You can use your insurance coverage and HSA/FSA for your treatment costs as long as they are affiliated with SmileDirectClub and within the scope of your policy. SmileDirectClub offers two payment options that include: 
    • SmilePay: Installment plan with a $250 downpayment and monthly payments of $89. 
    • Single Pay: A one-time $1950 fee.

Take the first step towards your great smile in 2021

Build-A-Smile is now in partnership with SmileDirectClub in providing clear aligners in Charlotte. As SmileDirectClub continues to raise the bar for teledentistry, we’re excited to work with them in providing an easy, convenient, and cost-effective clear aligners treatment for our patients. Take the step and schedule your appointment now!

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