A Teeth Whitening Guide for Your Wedding

Is your wedding approaching fast? You’ve prepared almost everything and made sure of every important detail. You’ve got a regular beauty regimen to be the most beautiful bride and handsome groom on your life’s biggest event.

Oops… But wait… Is your smile ready for the big day?

Getting your teeth cleaned and whitened is sometimes the most neglected part of wedding preparations. Remember, you’ll flash your biggest smile at your wedding. Plus, those memorable photos will surely capture that beaming smile. So, you have to prepare and make your smile ready for the big day.

We’ll guide you to achieve a pearly white smile on your wedding day.

Teeth Whitening Treatment for the Bride and Groom

Your first step to teeth whitening is to visit your dentist. A check-up is necessary to see if your teeth and gums are healthy. Any immediate issues should be treated. If all is well, then your teeth whitening treatment should be the next step.

Your dentist will determine how much your teeth should be whitened based on your current oral condition. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment option. Either teeth whitening at-home kits will be prescribed or an in-office procedure.

But if your wedding day is approaching fast, an in-office whitening treatment is your best option. Teeth whitening done by your dentist is more efficient and has little to no downtime.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your dentist will apply bleaching solutions to your teeth to remove stains and brighten the shade. To intensify the whitening process, a laser treatment will be used.

Usually, teeth whitening treatments take about 45 minutes (3 sessions per appointment for 15 minutes each) depending on your oral condition. Follow-up whitening treatments can be suggested as needed. You should be able to achieve three to eight shades whiter.

Of course, include your dental appointments and treatments in your wedding budget. Whitening treatment at Build-A-Smile in Charlotte will cost you $130 per appointment.

The Best Time to Get Your Teeth Whitened

You might be thinking to get your teeth whitened a few days before your wedding to make sure your teeth are the whitest. While it can be true, your dentist won’t recommend a rushed treatment plan.

If you do a professional whitening treatment a day or night before your wedding, there’s a possibility of unpleasant side effects, like pain and discomfort in the mouth, and you don’t want that to happen on your big day. Though whitening treatments have usually no to little downtime, a 24-hour period should at least be observed.

Most dentists will recommend you to do teeth whitening ahead of your wedding day because it also takes planning and a series of treatments to achieve your desired results. Ideally, you can start your treatments a month or a few weeks before your wedding. Also, while on treatment, your dentist will prescribe ‘Dos and Don’ts’ homecare to make sure your teeth aren’t stained.

Before the Wedding: Regular Dental Check-up & Teeth Cleaning

Even if it isn’t your wedding, you have to make sure that you visit your dentist regularly for a dental check-up. 

Regular teeth cleanings will help remove stains and plaque build-up. So be sure to do it. Plus, any other dental issues can be resolved with a dental check-up. When you have your teeth cleaned regularly, the teeth whitening procedure is a lot easier and more effective.

Before The Wedding: Schedule A Dental Consultation

Visit your dentist as your wedding approaches. You don’t have to wait for your next regular check-up. Consult with your dentist about the teeth whitening procedure and what you want to achieve. The consultation will help you plan for your next course of action, including your budget.

Teeth whitening treatments vary from one person to the next. It depends on the individual’s oral condition. For complicated stained teeth, it can take several sessions and a more comprehensive treatment plan. For those who do regular cleanings, it could take less time to achieve your desired results. So if you plan to have your teeth whitened, the key is to consult with your dentist on the best plan of action

Before The Wedding: Have Your Teeth Cleaned

To yield the best teeth whitening results, a cleaning should be done before the whitening treatment. In other words, these two procedures go hand-in-hand.

Your teeth cleaning will get rid of food particles that are lodged between your teeth. It also removes plaque and tartar that has accumulated over time. A cleaning will also help remove stains before you move forward with the teeth whitening treatment.

Wedding Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

After your consultation and teeth cleaning, your whitening treatments shall commence. You’ll be provided by your dentist several recommendations as to what option will work best for you. A teeth whitening treatment at Build-A-Smile consists of three sessions per appointment lasting for 45 only minutes each.

Teeth Bleaching

This is the most recommended treatment for teeth whitening which uses peroxide-based bleaching agents. This treatment offers immediate and quality results by using 15% to 43% peroxide.

Bleaching works by removing stains from the teeth. Generally, the longer you keep the solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth become. But professionally, because dentists use stronger peroxide solutions, bleaching is done for a short period. Otherwise, it can pose some risk to your teeth like dehydration and sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel

Trays and gel are a home teeth whitening kit prescribed by your dentist. The gel contains carbamide peroxide that is applied to the teeth, while the trays are used for bleaching consistency and to protect your gums during the treatment. The trays are customized by your dentist for your teeth and are worn during treatment for a few hours per day or overnight.

However, this option will take a longer time to achieve your desired results. This type of whitening treatment usually takes a couple of weeks as compared to in-office bleaching which is almost immediate. But again, the results will depend on your individual situation.

Laser Whitening Treatment

This whitening treatment option is used with bleaching solutions. A gel will be applied on the teeth and a laser will be used to heat it up. This combination is said to be more efficient to whiten teeth. 

While laser whitening can be more effective than traditional methods, it is also more expensive. However, tt is convenient and provides faster results.

Where to Get Your Teeth Whitening Treatment in Charlotte?

Make sure to include a dental appointment during your wedding preparations. If you plan to have your teeth whitened, schedule your appointment ahead of time to understand your teeth whitening options.

Getting a teeth whitening treatment will ensure you’ll be flashing your best smile on your life’s biggest day. So what are you waiting for?

Let Build-A-Smile Be A Part of Your Wedding

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