6 Life-Saving Benefits Of Oral Sleep Devices

Oral sleep devices play an essential role in fighting against the growing sleepless epidemic in the US. A part of the sleep-deprived population suffers from sleep apnea and bruxism. About 25 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea, and patients with bruxism are approximately 8% to 31% of the population. 

The sleep disruption caused by dental conditions can progress to more serious medical issues, including other sleep disorders. 

How oral conditions cause disrupted sleep and develop into sleep disorders

Obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) is a sleep disorder where your tongue and throat muscles relax and block your airways as you sleep. It limits your oxygen intake and prevents you from getting quality sleep at night. 

The Sleep Foundation identified sleep apnea as one of the underlying causes of insomnia. Most patients with untreated bruxism also have a higher chance of having sleep apnea. Oral sleep devices used for treating sleep apnea and bruxism are as follows:

  • A night guard is an oral device placed over your teeth for protection from teeth grinding at night.

  • Sleep apnea mouth devices are oral appliances designed to create an airway by holding your tongue in place and preventing it from blocking your throat. It has two classifications, including:

    • Mouth devices (Mild to moderate sleep apnea)
    • Sleep apnea machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) (Severe sleep apnea)

Benefits of oral sleep devices to your overall health

From helping you breathe to protecting your teeth, oral sleep devices also improve your overall health by reducing tension pains and increasing your oxygen intake. Here are some of the life-saving benefits of oral sleep devices to your oral health:

  • Reduce and prevent jaw pain and headaches: Night guards prevent your upper and lower teeth from clenching. It removes the extreme pressure you unconsciously put on your lower and upper jaws, alleviating sore facial and jaw muscles.

  • Encourage deep and healthy sleep for a healthy immune system: The mouth device for sleep apnea increases your oxygen intake and improves the quality of your sleep. A deep and long sleep equips your body with the rest that it needs to strengthen your immune system and lets you wake up feeling much better.

  • Prevent tooth damage and save you from dental restoration costs: Night guards prevent your teeth from wearing down the tooth enamel that protects your tooth. Once the enamel breaks, your teeth will become more susceptible to other dental conditions. A night guard is a worthy investment not only for your oral health but also to save you from expensive restoration costs.

  • Reduce your risk for heart problems: A sleep apnea device helps the body get the optimal oxygen intake needed to support the heart in distributing oxygen throughout the body. It prevents severe complications of sleep apnea like hypertension, heart disease, and even stroke.

  • Keep you at a healthy weight due to lower ghrelin levels: Oral sleep devices for sleep apnea keep you away from the vicious cycle between sleep apnea and weight gain. Lack of sleep due to sleep apnea increases ghrelin levels which is a hormone that triggers feelings of hunger. On the other hand, weight gain increases your risk for sleep apnea due to increased mass around the neck.

  • Prevent snoring and sleep-deprived partners: You and your partner can now say goodbye to the annoying choking and grinding sounds and enjoy a quiet and restful sleep.

Guard your teeth against the grind and sleep like a baby with Build-A-Smile

If you can’t remember the last time you and your partner slept like a baby due to snoring and grinding sounds, it’s about time to visit your dentist. Your dental condition might also be taking a toll on your health due to its medical complications. Who knows, getting an oral sleep device in Charlotte might be the answer to improve your health and immune system.  

Build-A-Smile provides the most advanced oral sleep devices in Charlotte for oral appliance therapy for bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. 

High-quality oral sleep devices in Charlotte

  • O2 Vent Optima is a custom-fitted tongue-retaining device inserted inside the mouth to keep the tongue in place and keep the airways open. It removes the disadvantages of other sleep apnea devices like machine sounds and bulky equipment as you sleep.

O2 Vent Optima - oral sleep devices in Charlotte

  • Custom-fitted night guards are customized mouth guards that prevent clenching and protect your teeth from damage due to jaw clenching.

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